About Us

The Company

Auberon and James is a premium British Basics brand born out of a love of Great British style and design. Our underwear, undershirts and socks are designed and produced based on our guiding principals of quality, convenience, sustainability and style. We believe in Basics that meet the needs of every modern British man - wherever you put in your 12 hours plus of work or play you deserve to have the most comfortable undergarments in the world on whilst you do it.

The Design

Designed by our team of designers and garment-technologists right here in the U.K. We have designed underwear in the finest materials that will last and last and when it finally does need refreshing you will be able to simply re-order from our core, unchanging range of styles. Finding the best underwear should be something that you need only do once and then repeat as necessary for the rest of your life. Our love of what a man can say about themselves and their story through clothes and style were the inspiration for our understated styling. We don't believe in frivolous basics, we believe in timeless style for all ages and body types and this is reflected in our simple colour choices and cuts. No brand name on your waistband, they're your underwear not ours. Our signature pink stripe identifies and signifies the highest quality of fabrics, design and construction that goes into Auberon and James underwear. Equally at home beneath jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt as they are beneath a bespoke suit, dress shirt and oxfords - these are the only undergarments you will ever need.

The Materials

Each element of our undergarments was chosen because we view it as the very best available option. Our Tencel® MicroModal blended fabric has the softest possible handle, is sweat wicking, absorbent, antimicrobial, has perfect stretch and support and is hardwearing for many wears and washes without any loss of these properties. Our MicroPoly blended waistband elastic is exceptionally soft and equally strong, woven into a heavy gauge, tight weave band it is non-roll, anti-fold and built to last so that it's wear will match the incredibly long lasting wear of the body fabric. Our organic cotton is better for you and better for the environment thanks to it's chemical free growth cycle - zero pesticides and other chemicals mean it is safe against your skin.

The Construction

All our garments are manufactured in our partner factory in Istanbul. As a second generation, family owned apparel manufacturing business our partner is SEDEX 4 Pillar assured meaning that they meet the highest achievable standards of workers rights and conditions for safety and quality. All garments are sewn by expert sewing machinists, highly experienced in the sought after skill of 4 needle flat lock stitching. This method of attaching the 2 raw edges of individual pattern pieces cut from stretch material in such a way that it builds the 3D garment to have perfect fit and support is a highly skilled process and results in the unbelievable comfort and support you feel when wearing A and J garments. The fabric alone cannot provide this feeling, the efforts of these dedicated artisans at their machines is required to translate the design and materials into the wearing experience that we all love.

Our socks are knitted in a second SEDEX approved partner factory in Istanbul. The machines utilised are cutting edge to provide a premium quality single gauge knit sock with a linked toe-seam - delicate yet strong, silky soft, ideally sized and formed to fit perfectly. Our summer weights are perfect for spring to autumn and our winter weight with their internal loops provide extra warmth with minimal extra bulk for the winter.